Taking A New Perspective

Bible based films from the studios have taken quite a beating from the conservative Christian press this year. But, not surprisingly, consumers are a bit more forgiving when it comes to creative liberties in story telling. However, sometimes, there was a heavier balance of fiction than history in these films. What does that mean, though? Do these films have NO educational merit? Or, can these misinterpretations be teaching moments?

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This was my challenge on Exodus: Gods and Kings, so I hired professor Craig Detweiler at Pepperdine University to partner with me on exploring the parallels of Jesus and Moses for a new film discussion guide.  This new angle enabled us to take the attention away from the film’s flaws and focus on an interesting connection that the general audience may not have considered. It also helped us position the film better for the Easter release timig. Then, I worked with media partners to leverage this discussion guide as exclusive content, which provided significant media value for the client and meaningful editorial material for the press outlet. Win. Win.