How To Make A Better Trailer

Please don’t tell me the whole story. When I go to see your movie, I want to be a little surprised and not discover that ALL of the best moments were also in the trailer. The key to making a better trailer, is taking the consumers’ point of view. Although you may have been immersed in your film for YEARS, assume that they know nothing about your film! There may be multiple storylines, but the secret is to focus in on the main “hook,” so that the consumer will have an easy take-away when the trailer is done. To figure our your “hook,” it’s important to know your film’s positioning. This is one of my favorite things to brainstorm with my clients. It’s important to think of the film’s points of differentiation, tone and key selling points. Then, make sure those elements are communicated in an entertaining way.


Helpful note – sometimes it’s easier to place a shorter trailer in theater or for sponsorships. Although a 2:30 trailer is common, consider a 1:30 or :60 cut down to maximize all your long form advertising opportunities. Here are a few trailers that I consulted on last year:


Left Behind:


23 Blast: