0fc3b8c– Kavita Smith, Vice President Publicity at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Cara Withers Shaw is resourceful, creative and solution-oriented who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to all her projects – brilliant marketer!

039d393 – Dick Rolfe, Co-founder and CEO at The Dove Foundation

In the many years I’ve worked with Cara Withers Shaw, she has been a dedicated problem solver who follows through on every assignment. I trust her judgement and unquestionable integrity. I especially enjoy her positive can-do attitude and ability to get the job done,  no matter the challenge.

Spencer_Proffer – Spencer Proffer, CEO at Meteor 17

Cara’s professionalism and knowledge of the subject matter has made a major difference in the marketing and promotion strategy we are undertaking on our film.  I look forward to the opportunity of continuing to work closely on this feature and many others in the future.

0519664 – Amy Kreutzen, Former Marketing Lead at Amazon Studios

I had the pleasure of working with Cara on an Amazon Studios project. She brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Cara delivered a thoughtful strategic recommendation with supporting tactical ideas. Cara is a rare talent as her capabilities straddle both strategy and execution.

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