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Interested screenwriters are asked to sign a 6 – 12 month contract for script sales exclusivity in exchange for a 15% fee of the script sale. This partnership includes log line consultation, meetings to refine pitch materials, exploration of talent attachments and pitching the script to development executives for purchase. 
Attachment as a Producer may be requested.

Current Scripts Represented





Restoration SummerParent Trap meets Fixer Uppers' Chip and Joanna Gaines, as a small-town couple makes it big in Tinseltown, but unhappy and on the verge of divorce, they are forced by their agent to do one last renovation with kids in tow, in the hometown where they fell in love.Feature Film

Jesse Metcalfe attached (actor/producer).

Script Available

Counter CultureA modern day, Laverne & Shirley with a multi-cultural twist. Two polar opposite best friends rebel against cultural norms, forming their own kind of family and figuring out what life is all about in this madcap, heartfelt comedy.Half Hour Single Camera Comedy

No attachments. Pilot script available.

Legacy of Love

When a small-town bakery owner decides to retire, journalists are sent from the big city to find out the secret ingredient in his famous cake. In a case of mistaken identity, Rose and Micah, pretend to be married in order to “get the story”, but end up with something even sweeter.

Feature Film

A Christmas Family Tree

Successful sports agent Rachel Smith is always rooting for her hockey team, the Ice Devils, but when Christmas time arrives, she’s left without her family. The surprising results send Rachel on an incognito adventure to Michigan to uncover the family she’s never known.

Feature Film

Talent Attachment Discussions In Progress

Love Edit

Talented and successful home organizer can tidy-up anything - except her love life. She takes on a particularly daunting project with a handsome, but stubborn widower And discovers her current boyfriend doesn’t check all the boxes.

Feature Film

Script Purchased 2022

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